Model Bavaria, Saluting and Ceremonial Cannon Calibre 75 mm

The saluting Cannon Cal. 75mm Model Bavaria was designed for the purpose of saluting official State visitors such as Kings and Presidents as well as to announce the beginning of the IFTAR and the IMSAK during the Holy month of Ramadan. Therefore, it does not have any offensive or defensive capabillity.


  Technical Specification M635 
  Length 3000 mm
  Barrel length 1600 mm
  Weight 450 Kg
  Carriage Oak construction
Ammunition M337 Calibre 75 x 184 mm
Cartridge Aluminium Brass
Relodable No Yes
Weight 1033 grams 1473 grams
Sound* 166 dezibels 173 dezibels
*Soundlevel at 3m
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